Projectors logo for a car door.

Projectors logo on the door of the car is a new and unusual way to highlight your car among the other  transport! Just imagine, when you open the door of your car, the logo of your car or an awesome picture appears on the pavement.

Projectors logos for car are divided into 3 types:

Overhead projectors - devices that simply glued to the door trim from the inside. The projector is connecting to the interior lighting or ending switch of the door. The projector has an original design and fits perfectly into the interior of any car.

Mortise projectors are installed directly into the iron part of the door. The hole, where projector can be installed, drilled in the lower part of auto door.  So, if the whole body of the projector is inside the door, then nothing prevents the open - close commands. Mortice projectors can connect as well as overhead types. Fit mortise projector can be in any car.


Original projectors designed for installation instead of a staff lightening at the door of the car. If you choose it, you won't need any alterations. The regular dome door is completely pulled out and instead those variant you set the original projection. Projectors are available for such models like Mercedes, BMW, Audi and others.

Setting the projector in your car is not only a great way to check out from friends and attract attention. Projectors also will give you light when the doors of the car will be in the dark.

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