Gas-filled lamps DLED Evolution White and Evolution Yellow

We are glad to present you the new gas-filled automobile lamps from the DLED Company -"Evolution White" and "Evolution Yellow"!


For a long time car owners suffered from the standard headlights, which does not provide an adequate lighting in the dark-time. And during the rain or fog the light from normal bulbs just disappears and the road surface becomes almost unlit. Many have found a solution of this problem in the installation of xenon lamps in the optics of the car, but as practice has shown the optics designed to work with incandescent lamps doesn't focus light from xenon lamps. Hence - the blinded drivers of oncoming cars and, though bright, but diffused light beam on the road. Also it was necessary to hide all additional equipment somewhere - igniters, relays, wiring, etc. And recently the xenon was cruelly excluded from the possibility of installing in headlights not intended for it and now at its "illegal" installation car owners are threatened by a considerable penalty or deprivation of the rights.



But technology technologies do not stand still, dim glow lamps were replaced by the newest gas-filled lamps of "DLED Evolution"! Lamps are different from the halogen ones by the far more bright light and the temperature of luminescence. Lamps of DLED series "Evolution White" have more bright white light (4300k) when compared with the conventional halogen lamps and suit for xenon 4300k, besides the white light is more pleasant for eyes.

Lamp DLED "Evolution Yellow" series have a yellow light that provides high visibility in rain, fog, or snow. The temperature of the luminescence of these lamps is 2800K.

The most widespread method of application is an installation of yellow lamps in fog lights, and white lamps - in head lights.

Stunning brightness was achieved by the means of a special mixture of inert gases injected into the bulb under pressure. Through this mixture of gases the thread is practically not oxidized and the light is brighter, also the lack of oxidation of the thread is directly connected with service life of a lamp and several times increases it!

Lamps are made with standard automobile bases of H1/H3/H4/H7/H11 and without any alterations could be installed to any car. When replacing conventional lamps with DLED "Evolution" you won't need installation of any additional equipment. You can make replacement by lamps of "Evolution" by yourself without the help of professionals. Simply get your old lamp from a headlight and establish an "Evolution" lamp on its place. Also the DLED Company took care of truck drivers with onboard voltage of 24 volts. Both series of gas-filled lamps DLED "Evolution White" and DLED "Evolution Yellow" are issued also for cars 24V!

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